A room with a view

This project consists of a photographic reportage, made during the quarantine period, through my window, of a railing house in downtown Milan and the people who live there.

I focused my attention on the different activities that are carried out on this railing; normal activities such as taking care of the plants, carrying the groceries, talking to the neighbor, going out to smoke a cigarette or going downstairs to throw out the garbage were done occasionally, but during the quarantine period they are repeated almost obsessively.

I photographed people on the railing at different times of the day to show how the type of light (natural and artificial) also affects the spectrum of the building, giving it a different coloration and atmosphere. I think it is interesting to note how such a small space can be made the most of; in fact, in the photographs you can see countless objects that give personality and character to railing houses.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021