World Tour

‘’The producer Mr. Sony, commissions you to create the concept and art direction for the next tour of the singer
Kae Tempest.’’
Love is a Verb arises from the need to connect that the artist proposes in her latest work "On Connection". In her work the artist delves into the importance of immersing ourselves in our own creativity and how deepening that creative connection helps to cultivate a greater awareness of ourselves. This connection with our true selves allows us to take responsibility, develop empathy and establish a deeper relationship with each other and the world.
Love is a Verb is a call to action, a call where love and connection are not only fundamental to personal development but also to building every aspect of a society. We seek to make our audience aware, to empathise with each other, to become conscious about the impact of their actions and mainly to start building from love, love represented by every exchange that exists between friends, family, partners, colleagues, even complete strangers.

Tuesday Oct 5 2021